Wednesday, May 31, 2006

And Now, for My Next Project

I don't care for having to go to work early, especially on hot days. I'm such a cold weather baby, I feel miserable when the temperature's over 90 degrees. So, here it is in downtown Baltimore, with that typical August heat... and it isn't even June. My eyes squint as though I'm trying to use my eyelids in an effort to cut back the heat while driving to the city police headquarters. The reporter wants to write a story on how the police must recruit outside the continental U.S. to hire bilingual officers. "I'm heading to San Juan Sunday," he says. My ears perk up.

"Don't you need a photographer?" I smiled, reminding him that he can't take pictures worth a lick and that he needs to have a professional shooter there so he can concentrate on writing. He plans on being there 5 days - Sunday through Thursday - and I gleemed with anticipation, after my attempt to travel to Puerto Rico went bust in April. For that project, I had written a proposal to ride aboard Pride of Baltimore II, and compromised my original suggestion that I head to France and ride across the Atlantic, as she returned for the first time after a near-tragic freak storm disabled her last September.

I had just returned from a trip to Vancouver, and I'm already itching to leave home again? Oh, yeah, I love visiting other places. After leaving the headquarters, I stopped by a luncheonette to grab a bite to eat before heading for work. As I walked around the buffet islands, I looked up at a man leaning in to get a bottled water. It was my boss, Dudley!

We sat and I mentioned the story to him, suggesting that I might be able to shoot some video as well as still images. After eating lunch, I returned to my truck and drove back to the office, sat at a work station and edited my images. Dudley then stepped into the room and looked at me. Taking my headphones off, my listening changed from Drone Zone to my boss:

"Gus just sent me some information and I forwarded it to your Harris messages. Would you follow up on that please?" Dudley asked. In the message, Gus said that he'd be leaving Baltimore for San Juan, Puerto Rico this Sunday, spending 5 days, returning Thursday. So there it was. I had to make reservations to hit the island of San Juan for the first time in my life. I have my little Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30 to shoot video, while I wait for the shipment of that cool HVX200 (the camera in the photos). I'm ready to go, and I can't wait. Maybe I might grab the underwater housing and shoot some ocean photos? Why not?

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