Sunday, June 25, 2006

another Week Rolls By, and...

... I still can't use the video camera. The software still hasn't been purchased. The laptop isn't optimized. A work station hasn't been modified. Yup, I'm frustrated. So, there isn't anything new to report. My time is being wasted. Every day that I can't dive into the hardware and software will cost double that. Right now? I guess I'll be lucky to be able to begin truly shooting with the camera within the next 4 months. And I feel that I'm being liberal in my guess. Honestly, I think it won't be until around the holidays that I will have the equipment needed to officially begin shooting production video.

It's frustrating, since the plan had been to get the hardware and software in-house by the time the camera was delivered. Well, the exact opposite happens. So, what happens is that the camera begins depreciating, since it was purchased at full retail price. I just noticed that the camera has since dropped around $700 or even more. That could have been used to buy a fluid head tripod and a 250GB external storage drive. Or a 35mm lens adapter.

I had a feeling that this would happen. No matter how many times I tried to convince the ones to order the gear or update the PowerBook, it simply didn't happen. I had been emailing and writing requests since late winter. And now, it's summer. Nothing, but frustration. So what do you do in this situation, punt? My choice is to simply wash my hands of this, put the gear on mothballs, and get back into the habit of shooting still photos until all the equipment is here, or on its way. I did all that I could have done, for months, and they ignored the recommendations. But now, every time they ask where the great "production video" is, I'll tell them that they're on back-order.

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