Friday, October 20, 2006

A Loooong Week.

Ugh. This one's gonna be pretty short. I started early, I worked late, and I still have yet to drop the video from today's campaigning into the hopper. Total drive: about 150 miles, and I didn't get past Silver Spring. After shooting the luncheon there, I drove back to Baltimore, dropped the video into the external drive, then rolled out to cover the 4pm varsity soccer game at Archbishop Spalding.

But there were some shorties playing on the field at 3:30. "Where's the varsity game?"

"They won't start until 5:30."

Calling Chuck, the admission came that there were 2 requests dropped into the system. One job went to a freelance shooter. The other had my name on it.

And I laughed my head off. "At least you're taking it well," Chuck said, telling me to return to the office. Hanging up the phone, I said to myself, "That's because I don't want to shoot the game!" Traffic started getting rough, but I made it to Lombard Street when the phone rang.
"Can you shoot the game, after all?"
What happened?
"The freelancer has another shoot and can't make it to the game."
But I'm hungry, and I haven't eaten. And I'm starting to boil.
"We need it shot. It's the number one seed against the number 3 seed."

Needless to say, I dropped two images from the soccer game in, and now I've gotta feed myself. And take some time away for a little while.

Perhaps I'll drop some more words in here on Monday. And I hope I can have some shots from more exciting adventures! lol

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