Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lumix DMC-FZ30: Short on Words; Long on Eye Candy


I'm posting today from a tough location to transmit from, the Skyland Lodge off the Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah National Park. It's so tough to keep in touch with the outside world, that a message was left on top of the television set in the room: "This is the only channel this TV gets this Building has no cable or satellite. "Rabbit Ears ONLY"

I managed to have posted some images in my Flickr page, which you're welcome to look at. These were all taken with the Panasonic DMC-FZ30.
Here are some clickable thumbs!

Winchester Rooms
A real simple view from our room as the rough storm passed by.

Welcome Sign
The sign at Skyland, the highest point on Skyline Drive, near mile post 42.

Long Range Binoculars
Long Range Binoculars at Skyland Lodge.

Natural Smile
A Natural smile, seen in a tree stump.

Peeking Fawn
A fawn, caught by the camera and some friendly afternoon sunlight.

Growing Licchen
Okay, I misspelled lichen. So I may have to butcher the page to clean it.

Massanutten Camelhumps
A view of the Massanutten Mountains nearby.

Keeping Watch
Another deer, checking out who's behind her.

Franklin Rooms
Where I'm staying. The afternoon Sun cooperated well today!

The rest were shot from a pasenger jet on the way in to Baltimore:

Clouds just above, and well below.

Look at the large size to see the detail behind the clouds.

A quick grab as a break in the clouds revealed container cranes in SE Baltimore.

The setting sun creates a myriad of colors in the late afternoon.

On the flight path in to BWI Airport, this view was captured, possibly looking down on the Pasadena area in Anne Arundel County.

Dad and I may return a little early, since he discovered that his home is still without power following the powerful storm that swept through the region.

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