Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ready to Go!

Dudley hands his cellphone to me. A woman who is helping prepare for the HVX200 class in Austin wants to speak with me.

And she keeps asking me what equipment I want. I think, "She must be trying to sell us something, so I'd better make the list very short, since we're watching our budget." Even Dudley told me just days before, "The only thing you're gonna have is a monopod."

So I only ask for a few important things. I want an external writeable drive, a 35mm lens adapter, and an wireless mic system, I said. "Do you want a matte box? Lighting kit? Anything else?" she asks in an eager voice. I wish I could ask for more, but we have a wire-thin budget. I'd love to talk about the stabilizing system, fluidhead tripod, and other goodies, but I want to be realistic. Yet I feel excited that she seems to want to be my advocate, since I can't get anymore vital gear.

Dudley finds me, and I know he needs his phone, so I give her my cell number and she promises to call me right back. But she doesn't.

Dudley asks what I requested, and he seems receptive to the short list. Are we actually getting the gear? No, he says, it's all loaner equipment that I can bring back to use when I complete the seminar. Doh! And that's when I plead for Dudley to call her back, so I can give her the WHOLE list!

I plan to fly into San Antonio instead of Austin. For whatever reason, prices for car rentals and airfare are jacked up in Austin, so always look for alternative cities to fly into. For instance, a subcompact rental for 3 days would cost $230 in Austin, while renting a midsize in San Antonio (75 miles away) would total $94. And gas doesn't cost so much that it would figure into making a difference. Yet.

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